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अनारम्भस्तु कार्याणां प्रथमं बुद्धिलक्षणम्।
आरब्धस्यान्तगमनं द्वितीयं बुद्धिलक्षणम्॥
Not starting tasks is the first characteristic of intelligence. Once started, bringing tasks to completion is the second characteristic of intelligence.​

Banking & Financial Services

ADLO has a Banking and Finance team that has gained recognition for working through complicated deal and advises the clients on all types of financing transactions, structured finance, corporate funding, acquisition finance, real estate finance, debt restructuring, financial regulatory etc. with dedicated Professionals with core financing capabilities comprising of lawyers, accountants, tax specialists and financial advisers.


Salient features of our practice are:

  • Debt restructuring and reorganisation.
  • Banking cases (litigation) and recovery proceedings under the Debt Recovery laws.
  • Regulatory aspects of Banking in India and compliance requirements of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), licensing & approvals for banking and non-banking business in India.
  • Conducting legal due diligence.
  • Proceedings under the Securitization Act.
  • Restructuring (Insolvency & Bankruptcy).
  • Project and Structured Finance.
  • General Banking;.
  • External Commercial Borrowings, Trade Finance, Secured Commercial lending, hire-purchase.
  • Enforcement and realisation of Security interests;.
  • Bank fraud cases.


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