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ADLO takes pride in the fact that it is one of the few firms in the Country that is in a position to undertake the important assignment of drafting Patents in various fields of science. The firm closely works with experts in the relevant fields along with its lawyers from the very inception till the grant of the Patent by the Indian Patent Office. The firm also handles technology and know-how transfer, assignment, licensing and protection of confidential information Litigation involving intellectual property is undertaken by our litigation department in conjunction with our intellectual property lawyers. The IP team of the firm is fully equipped in dealing with all kinds of intellectual property issues, whether they are traditional involving simple registrations of any trademarks, Designs, Patents, Copyrights etc. before the various Authorities & bodies in the Country under the various Laws and legislations, conducting litigations to contest violations, or drafting complex agreements for use of trade marks in order to protect the proprietary rights of our clients



   • Patentability Search and Analysis
   • Freedom to Operate Search and Analysis
   • Invalidity Search and Analysis
   • Technology Mapping and Landscaping
   • Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution
   • Infringement Analysis


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