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  IT & Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property team of the firm has expertise in the areas of Registration of trademark/service mark, advising and Counseling on trade secret, Registration of copyright, Filing of patent application, Registration of Design and Geographical Indications.

The law firm has a strong Patent practice, and caters the same in several area of technology. The firm also provides legal services for Prior Art Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Application Preparation, Patent Writing, Patent Prosecution and Patent Litigation. The firm also offers similar services for other Intellectual property rights like Trademarks, Copyrights, and Design. The law firm offers its legal services in search, filing, prosecution and registration of Trademarks at USPTO, India, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Nepal, UAE, Egypt and Canada Trademark Office. The professionals and the firm have represented several international clients to provide Trademark Prosecution services in India.

The Professional of the firm has been advising its clients on the selection, availability, use and registration of trademarks/service marks, Registration of patent and copyright applications within India and abroad.

The Intellectual Practice (IP) practice group contains several diverse individuals with scientific and non scientific backgrounds to facilitate patent filing and prosecution. The firm also has attorneys who have extensive experience in the litigation of intellectual property conflicts especially for Trademark and Copyright infringement and passing off. Besides the aforesaid, the firm has been advising and counseling towards negotiating and drafting a variety of license, assignment and sale agreements.

Broadly the firm renders its services for:

  • Registration, and renewal of trademarks /service marks,
  • Registration of copyrights,
  • Drafting of patents, and filing of patent applications
  • Registration of designs
  • Preliminary investigations into potential inventions
  • Counseling, rendering opinions and Drafting of agreements
  • Infringement and Passing-off action
  • Counterfeit Product Investigation/Seizure

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